2020 Every Trade - All Results - Results Matter +79.52% Return

Full Disclosure/2020 Results: Every Single Trade. 2020 was a rough year, the market (and world) was a little different than normal... This made 2020 a bit of a struggle to trade and predict, when compared to the past twenty years.

However, we closed 3,800 real pips, over +$12,160 profit (net) on our $16,600 original balance account (relatively small, something you can all get to).

Ended up with a +79.52% gain even with the struggles of the 2020 markets. Where else are you going to get a nearly 80% annual return?
🥂 to 2021! Let's get after it!

Full Telegram Post: https://t.me/pipphenes/4588




Every Trade CSV File, Telegram Post Link: https://t.me/pipphenes/4589

Who else gives you every single trade? 😉



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